In 2015, Rachel and Michael saw a pair of hens posted in the free section of craigslist for butcher because their egg production had slowed. They immediately jumped into action to save the lives of Jane and Lizzie. They bought a small coup from craigslist and picked up the hens only a few minutes later, with the coup still in the back of the truck.

One month later, they stumbled across another post - this time for two hens who were sickly and eating their eggs. With the threat of slaughter looming, they couldn't leave them behind and Forget Me Not Farm Sanctuary was born.

Forget Me Not Farm Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that was founded with the mission to protect farm animals through rescue and community education. We aim to provide a safe and loving home for as many farm animals as we can. 

We envision a world where farm animals are treated with respect and compassion. Therefore, we encourage living a lifestyle of the least amount of harm through plant-based, vegan choices. We are not against farmers, only against unnecessary animal cruelty and death.