Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do you do with the hens eggs? 

A: Chickens were domesticated from the wild jungle fowl. These jungle fowl lay 5-12 eggs per year. Domesticated chickens can lay up to 350 eggs per year. As chickens get older they stop producing as many eggs and that is the situation most of our rescues come from. This usually happens around 2-4 years of the hens life (keep in mind, they can live 15+ years, if given the chance), although most are still producing an egg every other day. That is a huge strain on their bodies, in fact, most hens die from reproductive illnesses. Their bodies are simply not meant to go through that amount of strain day after day, year after year. At Forget Me Not Farm Sanctuary, we reject viewing animals for what their bodies can do for us. Instead of taking the eggs that their bodies break down in order to produce, we feed the eggs back to them so that they might replenish the nutrients they've lost in laying. Hens that suffer the early signs of reproductive health problems are put on life-saving hen "birth control." It is a harmless procedure that stops their bodies from developing eggs. 

We understand that feeding eggs to chickens sometimes sounds 'gross' or 'weird' to the uninitiated, but just as canines will eat their own placenta, it is perfectly natural. In fact, many hens in backyard setups are killed or sold for engaging in this natural behavior. There are all sorts of strategies developed by the farming community to stop the behavior. Allowing hens access to eating their own eggs is standard practice for the majority of farm animal sanctuaries due to the health benefits and has been approved by our vet. 

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