Rainbow Bridge

This page is dedicated to the ones we've loved and lost. 


Spring 2013 - 2015

Discarded along with her sister, Rigsby, for eating her own eggs. A sweet girl who loved to hang around her people while they played games so she could snag fallen treats.


Spring 2013 - January 14th 2019

Just a little black hen who was discarded for eating her own eggs. A fierce little thing who immediately became the boss of everyone, including the dogs. 

Protector, fighter, cuddler. 


Spring 2014 - March 6th 2019

Luci was the victim of poor animal husbandry and negligence. She came to us very sick - dehydrated, overweight from a poor diet, and with compacted detritus wedged into her foot webbing. She passed away before we could turn her life around, but she experienced all of our love and proper care in that time. 


December 2016 - November 14th 2020

Loki was our frost giant. The first rooster to live at FMNFS he was in the unique position to make us fall head over heals in love with roosters and all their idiosyncrasies - and he took his job very seriously. 


2016 - December 8th 2020


Spring 2017 - February 2020


Spring 2018 - February 2020

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